Breaking up is hard to do.

Watch as Judd Nelson teaches Nicole Eggert about heartbreak on tonight’s episode.

Heartbreakers 10/9C.

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TGIDF! It’s Friday so you know what that means? More Deadly Women, and more Candice…

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I am really in the mood for some Investigation Discovery, but I have watched most of what’s on Netflix. Should I watch “I Married a Mobster?”, “The Shift”, or “Best Evidence”?

Hey bedbugs biting​ here’s some more if you’re interested in Deadly Women?

Vengeance or Without Pity

Or, if you want to know What Would Kenda Do? when it comes to criminals on the run, there’s:

Tequila, Tunnels and Terror

Robbin’ Stealin’ & Court Appealin’

From Dusk Til Doom

Get a second helping of select episodes of ID shows…

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I guess he’s not a soap opera fan?

Now it’s Jack Wagner and Rob Estes’ turn to fight over the same woman tonight on: 

Heartbreakers 10/9C.

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We wanted to give a shoutout to YouTube user zacamil7525 who created this awesome Lego Kenda.

Bravo, young sir.

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We happily welcome all our new #IDAddict followers! 

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He’s sort of a pork chop and applesauce connoisseur.  

Watch him and Antonio Sabato, Jr fight over the same woman tonight on what’s been called the True Crime Sharknado.

Heartbreakers 10/9C.

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Hey #IDAddicts. You asked, we answered!

Is having Deadly Women on one day a week not enough for you? Have your way! Watch it again, and take Candice with you wherever you go on your phone, or iPad with the ID app. Or, on

These women are Vengeful

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Hey #IDAddicts, we’re Always Revealing secrets on Snapchat. Add us: DiscoveryID for more.

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Most new teachers want to make a great impression their first day on the job. But Lorie Ann Hill of Wagoner, Oklahoma flunked. The high school teacher was arrested for showing up to school flaming drunk and without pants.

Read the rest here.

They definitely won’t be adding this woman’s back to school prep routine to the curriculum. 

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All you #IDAddicts have probably had these thoughts at one point or another…
Courtesy of The Oatmeal
All you #IDAddicts have probably had these thoughts at one point or another…
Courtesy of The Oatmeal

All you #IDAddicts have probably had these thoughts at one point or another…

Courtesy of The Oatmeal

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When it comes to chatting while watching ID, it’s all about the emojis.

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Clear your calendars Addicts. Candice and the Deadly Women are back!

Starting this Friday at 8/1, get a double dose of Deadly starting with Lizzie Borden.

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