That sums it up pretty well.

Chat with him tonight on Twitter where he’s going to be asking you #IDAddicts questions…

Kenda on Twitter

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Crime Feed is ever so vigilant when it comes to scanning newswires for unbelievable stories, so imagine our surprise and Total Recall when we came across the story of a young woman who worked so hard to, ahem, have a third breast attached to her chest.

Read the rest here.

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If Addicts were in the tldrwikipedia​ Who doesn’t butter their bagels that way? 

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just one more episode…
i’m going to regret this in the morning.


No regrets! You keep watching “Night fcknmary.” Leave being tired for “Morning fcknmary" to deal with. 😜

Source: fcknmary

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What isn’t fun? Missing a chance to share in Candice’s wisdom. Deadly Women has moved to Fridays at 9/8c.

And if you want to watch some episodes now,you can check out some of our favorites:

Mean Teens

Wed To Murder

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What do a teenage boy, Instagram, Guy Fieri, and a yellow Lamborghini have in common?

Check out Young, Hot & Crooked Friday at 10/9C to find out…

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A woman in Fayetteville, Arkanas, was picked up on Sept. 1 after trying to swipe almost $200 worth of eye shadow from a nearby Ulta Beauty Store. Talk about a crime of fashion.

Read the rest here.

I wonder what she was thinking when that picture was being taken?


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It’s Tuesday, so that means spending the night with Kenda! 

All-new Homicide Hunter tonight 10/9C.

And if you want to know what does Kenda think of the guy who escaped through a toilet? You can watch the episode here.

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Breaking up is hard to do.

Watch as Judd Nelson teaches Nicole Eggert about heartbreak on tonight’s episode.

Heartbreakers 10/9C.

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TGIDF! It’s Friday so you know what that means? More Deadly Women, and more Candice…

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I am really in the mood for some Investigation Discovery, but I have watched most of what’s on Netflix. Should I watch “I Married a Mobster?”, “The Shift”, or “Best Evidence”?

Hey bedbugs biting​ here’s some more if you’re interested in Deadly Women?

Vengeance or Without Pity

Or, if you want to know What Would Kenda Do? when it comes to criminals on the run, there’s:

Tequila, Tunnels and Terror

Robbin’ Stealin’ & Court Appealin’

From Dusk Til Doom

Get a second helping of select episodes of ID shows…

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I guess he’s not a soap opera fan?

Now it’s Jack Wagner and Rob Estes’ turn to fight over the same woman tonight on: 

Heartbreakers 10/9C.

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